Is something all of us have quite rightly come to expect in both our business dealings as well as in our private lives as consumers.

At Anglia CNC we’re aware that excellent customer service goes hand-in-hand with the production of top quality components, and that it’s the combination of these two things that creates an outstanding working relationship.

On the one hand, it means your work progresses exactly as it should at each and every stage.

On the other, it means you’ll be completely satisfied with everything from start to finish. Which means we benefit in terms of repeat business and recommendation.

That’s why we’re constantly looking at the ways in which we can improve all our services to you, and why your feedback and comments are always welcome.

How we work with you

To make sure the service we give you measures up to … and hopefully exceeds … your expectations, we focus our business through your eyes. To give you a better idea of what this means and what you can expect as an Anglia CNC customer, here’s a brief overview of how we work with you …

People and Training

People are important. Each individual can impress you (or otherwise) with their attitude and ability. At Anglia CNC we ensure our staff are qualified and well-experienced in complying with the needs in your industry, so you can be confident in putting your work in their hands.

We also recognise the value of training and the importance individuals place on achieving their full potential, as well as taking a personal pride in their work. With this philosophy in mind, we continuously train and monitor the progress of our staff, to ensure you receive the benefits of working with a first class team, and therefore the benefits of a first class service.

Before work begins

Before the commencement of a new order, we’ll discuss exactly what you need, so it’s clear from the very beginning. We’ll help you solve any difficulties you may have, and work with you to find solutions that are right for you.


We can communicate with you easily and quickly because our system enables us to instantly receive your drawing information-no matter what format they are in-via e-mail. This allows us to integrate and become an extension of your working environment.

With particular members of our team responsible for each stage of your job … from development engineers making your prototypes, to team leaders for milling and turning, supervisors for finishing and assemblies, and a Quality Manager to check the overall quality of service you receive … you’ll also know who to talk to about your work should you need to. In addition, you’ll receive regular updates, and of course you can come and see your work in progress or discuss any aspect of it whenever you wish.


The engineering services market is changing rapidly. No longer do customers such as yourselves just want engineered components supplied to your stores. Because the market is becoming more competitive, you need to reduce your costs and inventory and work in progress.

We recognise this fact and can offer you a much wider range of engineered products than ever before. Although our expertise is Milling and Turning, we have close working arrangements with companies who have the facility to complement our capability.

You therefore have a complete engineering service at your fingertips ranging from supplying machined components to full mechanical assemblies, delivered finished and ready to go straight to your production line or even on to your customer.


Our investment policy to only buy new plant and equipment ensures your work is being carried out on machines with the latest technology, ensuring you receive parts that are dimensionally correct and competitively priced. Stringent Quality Control procedures and in-house processes ensure you receive well-deburred and finished products, produced to a consistently high standard that fit together every time.

This means your repeat orders will be identical in every way, and you can confidently take them to your assembly line without the need for carrying out extensive and costly inspection checks.

All of our jigs and fixtures are machined In-house allowing us to have complete control over our processes and prototypes.

As one customer stated:

“Anglia CNC’s systems, processes and procedures are in place and under control, meaning they’re very consistent, and any change of operator is invisible to their customers.”


Maintaining delivery deadlines is also important. Our computerised scheduling system and procedures ensure you receive your orders as originally agreed. If, for any reason, we feel the order may not be met on the agreed date due to circumstances beyond our control, we’ll inform you well in advance so the appropriate action can be taken. In other words, we promise to do our utmost not to let you down. And another promise: all proposed prices include delivery costs, so you won’t get any hidden surprises.

Stock Holding

Many of our customers prefer to operate kanbans as well as ship to stock systems. If you have an ongoing requirement, then we can tailor our production to suit your needs.

After Sales Service

Successful companies in today’s market place rely on close working relationships in order to give an outstanding service. You’ll need to know if improvements can be made in order to save costs, whilst still maintaining superb product reliability. That’s why, on completion of your work, our management team will follow up and review with you the overall quality and service you’ve received, as well as agree any improvements that may increase your competitive advantage.

Your success is our future!

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